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    How To: Skinnability: For JSF and seam components !

    Prathamesh Gaddam Novice


      I have following queries (w.r.t richfaces developer guide: Skinnability) and issues :

      1. The custom.skin.properties (customized message bundle for skin) are applied excluding scroller-bar, selectOnemenu and toolTip (till now). Whay its not applying skins to these components and how to olve it.

      I'hv used Theme selector for dynamic skin selection in web.xml


      along with the skin controls


      2. How and where to define .xcss to modify the skinnability specific to wrapping component. e.g I'm using the <s:link> as column header for rich:datatable. It is applied with selected skin color. Instead, I want to contradict the color as per skin selection and that to only for rich:datatable column header only.

      I'hv tried using the .css file however it accepts only constants values and not accepting parameters from custom.skin.properties bundle.

      3. Built-in Skinnability in RichFaces (w.r.t richfaces developer guide): Whats the use of renderer/renderkit? Any sample code how renderer id defined demonstrating the its use

      warm regards