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    Inplace Select Help

    senthil kumar Newbie

      Hi, I am using inplace select component in my project and i am placing the following problems. Any pointers would help...

      1) The required attribute in inplace select doesnt work.My code is as follows

      <rich:inplaceSelect defaultLabel="Select a Type" value="#{zone.type}" id="zoneType" required="true">
      <f:selectItem itemValue="TWO_D" itemLabel="2D"/>
      <f:selectItem itemValue="THREE_D" itemLabel="3D"/>

      and i have a rich:message like this

      <rich:message for="zoneType"/>

      When i dont enter any value, it doesnt throw any error. However the required attribute works for Inplace input. Can any one help plz ?

      2) I have a inplace select component and inputtext component. I want to display inputText component only when a particular value is selected in the select component. I dont know how to do this. Any pointers would help.

      Thanks in advance.