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    Creating a new gateway - odd problems unless service definit

    Len DiMaggio Apprentice

      I'm seeing this problem with 4.2.MR1 - in creating a new gateway, I'm seeing an error such as:

      EPR not found in registry

      For the service in question unless I include a non-gateway definition in the service. I'm then able to make use of the gateway listener and ignore the other one - but this isn't the right way to go.

      Has anyone seen a problem like this? Many thanks...

      jboss-esb.xml fragment:

      <!-- Service to perform the actions of a wiretap -->
       <service category="wiretapCategory" name="wiretapService" description="Static Wiretap">
       <jms-listener name="JMS-wiretapGateway" busidref="wiretapGwChannel" maxThreads="1" is-gateway="true" />
       <jms-listener name="wiretapESB" busidref="quickstartWireTapChannel" maxThreads="1" /> <!-- Unused -->
       <action name="action1" class="quickstart.helloworld.MyJMSWiretapListenerAction" process="displayMessageReceived" />
       <action name="action2" class="quickstart.helloworld.MyJMSWiretapListenerAction" process="insertMessageToDestination" />
       <action name="action3" class="quickstart.helloworld.MyJMSWiretapListenerAction" process="insertMessageToWireTapOutput" />
       <action name="action4" class="quickstart.helloworld.MyJMSWiretapListenerAction" process="displayMessageWiretapOutput" />