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    Web Services support

    Fabien Coppens Newbie

      What web services frameworks or specifications are supported by ESB 4.2 ?
      I.e. :

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          Tom Fennelly Master

          JBossESB 4.2GA will expose webservice endpoints through the JBossWS 2.0.0GA Webservices stack (due to release in early July). There'll be no support for exposing Axis hosted endpoints in JBossWS 4.2GA.

          WRT WS-* specs... check the JBossWS docs.

          There's a good chance that later versions (later than 4.2GA) will support JBossWS2.1.0, at which point we'll be able to expose Axis (and other) webservice endpoints. Nothing concrete on that as yet though.

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            Per Nyfelt Newbie

            Are there any examples of how to set up the ESB to handle web service communication north bound (as web service exposer) and south bound (as web service consumer)?

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              Burr Sutter Master

              Check out the following quickstarts:
              webservice_war1 - exposes a 181 WS
              webservice_jbossws_adapter_01 - an alternative way to expose a 181 WS
              webservcie_bpel - demonstrates consumption via the SoapUI action

              We are working on the docs and better examples now. You should see more in the next 4 weeks or so.

              We should be able to sort out your questions in the forums for the short-term.