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    Aspects of SOA Governance

    Michael Tech Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am very interested in your new project Overlord, since I am currently making some inquiries in the SOA Governance area. Overlord is supposed to be a solution for SOA Governance right?

      BTW: What is the difference between SOA Governance and the governance of a SOI?

      In the roadmap document the four principles of enterprise architectures are mentioned: people involved, the processes, the technology and services.

      Are all four principles handled by Overlord? Obviously Overlord concentrates on the monitoring/management of services.

      However, SOA Governance includes more than that: For instance SOA Governance should help to find the important services. Does Overlord help here?

      How does Overlord help in the context of processes?

      Or what about the people? People have to be teached, accustomed to the new environment, the process oriented approaches etc.

      Of course it is not easy to cover all of these aspects with a piece of software. But Overlord seems to cover the aspects: "what services to we have", "defining policies and SLAs for services", "monitoring of services".

      Don't see the aspects people and processes covered. Maybe you can help me here. What is SOA Governance and what should be handled by software?