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    Web Service Quickstarts

    Burr Sutter Master


      The web service quickstarts are undergoing a little surgery prior to our MR3 release (targeted during week of July 16th).

      webservice_war1 is being renamed to "native_client" because it is no longer an example of the best technique for hosting/producing a web service in the ESB 4.2 architecture. It is, however, a good example of using talking directly to the ESB without using a gateway. I hope to add other native client examples to that quickstart in the future.

      webservice_jbossws_adapter_01 is being renamed to "webservice_producer" as it is now the best example of how to host/produce a web service in the ESB 4.2MR3 architecture. Plus, the JBossWS Adapter action class has been renamed to SOAPProcessor.

      These changes are being updated in SVN now.

      There is also another web service example under development: webservice_consumer
      The technique for web service consumption in the 4.2MR3 ESB is documented here: