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    Listeners and mandatory is-gateway=


      What is the reason to mandate a listener with is-gateway="false"? I wanted to add a simple service with a jms queue (say audit) and an action to which I route messages from various transform/modify services.

      My current implementation of the action class just writes to a file-system. However with the current config I have to create a dummy jms-listener with is-gateway="false" in order to have a separate audit action class.

      Maybe there is a better way of having an audit listener...


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          Kurt Stam Master

          Not sure if I understand you correctly. It maybe a bug, you really only use is-gateway="true'. If you leave it off it will default to being a listener.

          However when you do have a gateway, you will need a listener too, since the gateway will drop the message onto the listener as soon as it as composed a ESBMessage from the raw message.