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    Questions regarding the helloworld quickstart

    Sebastian Pätzold Newbie


      I've had some problems understanding the helloworld quickstart. There are two listeners defined:

      1. a ESB-unaware JMS gateway which listens on a JMS queue 1
      2. a ESB-aware listener which listens on a second JMS queue 2

      The setup is quite simple, but I have difficulties regarding the flow of events. So if a JMS message is entered in queue 1 the gateway listener picks it up and transforms it into an ESB message. I guess the class JmsGatewayListener handles this. Now the message is posted to queue 2 where the ESB-aware listener is waiting and forwads the messgae to the action processing queue.

      What is not clear at all is the connection between the two listeners in the configuration:

       <service category="FirstServiceESB" name="SimpleListener" description="Hello World">
       <jms-listener name="JmsGatewayListener" busidref="quickstartGwChannel" maxThreads="1" is-gateway="true" />
       <jms-listener name="HelloWorldListener" busidref="quickstartEsbChannel" maxThreads="1" />
       <action name="DisplayAction" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.samples.quickstart.helloworld.MyJMSListenerAction" process="displayMessage" />

      How does the gateway listener knows what to do with the generated ESB message? How is the second queue referenced? Am I missing something?


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