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    ESB SLA monitoring/handling

    Arutha Belron Newbie

      Good afternoon,
      I had a question conserning SLA (Service Level Agreement).
      What are the possibilities for monitoring/utilising a SLA specification, I can't find anything on this in the jBoss ESB documentation.

      Is it perhaps part of an extention? Though I doubt that, since it is a messaging-level subject.

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          Mark Little Master

          SLAs are more than "a messaging-level subject". They're part of the overall service lifecycle and governance aspects, which go into the service implementation itself, covering functional and non-functional aspects.

          But to answer your specific question: we don't have anything formal in the release for SLAs. We're working on our governance strategy so expect to see some improvements around this in the coming months/releases. We did a recent announcement around a donation from Thomas Erl that overlaps with some of this, so we're hoping to get broad community support. The problem with SLAs is that there's no standard. We'd like to see that fixed too.

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            Burr Sutter Master

            Could you please describe how you would like your SLA implemented?

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              Arutha Belron Newbie

              I see, thanks for the answer. Will be looking forward to such a release.

              How I would like it implemented.. I'm not deep enough into the jBoss ESB structure, especially in combination with jBoss jBPM and BPEL to give a proper answer, but on a theoretical level:

              the ability to declare SLA specifications(be it in XML or any other format), to persistantly monitor how the actual performance of the specifications are and if possible, a way to 'divide resources' and enforce priorities on certain processes.

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                aldray low Newbie

                Hi, may i know if any SLA roadmap or SLA in placed for JBoss ESB now?

                If SLA is not available in community version, is there an Enterprise w/ SLA features?

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                  Mark Little Master

                  Take a look at the SOA Governance (Overlord) project on labs.

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                    Burr Sutter Master

                    The JBoss Operations Network offers performance monitoring down to the action level. Action level message counts, failures, bytes, processing time.

                    JON has a robust alerting solution that allows you to baseline a metric (e.g. processing time), for "normal" performance and set up a condition of when that metric is greater than or less than 20% of the baseline. Alerts can be emailed, pushed out via SNMP, keeps a full audit trail of breaches, etc.

                    It is my expectation that a portion of what people want for SLAs can be addressed with this capability.

                    More information on JON:

                    I'm getting ready for a webinar on Oct 2nd that will be demonstrating these kinds of features.