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    Is JBoss ESB what we need?

    Gilles Dubuc Newbie

      We've been using JBoss products for around 6 months on our current project and at the moment we need to add some SMPP interfacing to our J2EE application. The app runs on JBoss AS 4.2. To do the SMPP interfacing we originally thought of creating a JCA resource adapter but we then came across JBoss ESB. Would it make sense to use JBoss ESB to create our SMPP client/server mechanism in our application? The app would have to act as an SMPP server on different ports as well as query remote SMPP servers, preferably with pooled connections.

      So, is JBoss ESB the way to go for this problem or should we go back to the option of creating a JCA resource adapter?

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          Mark Little Master

          JBossESB doesn't have native support for SMPP, but it does support JCA. So why not do both? The benefits would be that you are potentially future-proofing your development. For example, in the event you need transformation, content-based routing etc. If you're sure you'll never need those sorts of things (or capabilities that we'll be adding in the future, such as compensating transactions over arbitrary protocols, JBI, SCA, interoperability with other ESBs), then you may not gain anything over JEE+JCA for the added complexity.

          Without knowing your full architecture and where you're headed, it's difficult to say. However, what is certain is that if you stick with JCA you can straddle both worlds.