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    Serializable problem, object makes a vanishing act.

    Arutha Belron Newbie


      I posted this on the jBPM part of the forum and was advised to go here, thus:

      I've got a question on sending Serializable objects over the bus. I know how this can be done, as I built an application creating a Pojo, sending it onto the bus, modifying it with JbossRules and spitting it out to another service off the bus.

      My problem is this: I tied in the jBPM orchestration with this very same application, and as soon as I send the Serializable over the bus through the process definition now, it comes out the other end in the message.getBody().getContents(), but the get() method, returning an object, is empty this time.

      I believe the cause is that I'm not converting the byte array the message holds in the get() to a jBPM format, as is done with the body contents :

      <variable esb-name="eVar1" jbpm-name="counter" value="45" />
      <variable esb-name="BODY_CONTENT" jbpm-name="theBody" />

      I'm not doing that, since I have no idea how to.

      Is this the cause, and if so, any way I can move the Serializable object in the message to the jBPM orchestration process and back to the ESB ?