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    SMTP Listener and ESB

    davide pasinato Newbie

      Hi to everybody,
      I need your help because I have to rewrite an application and I am trying to understand if JbossESB is a solution to my problem.
      Right now I have a stand-alone java application that listen on a socket for incoming SMTP messages. Clients basically send email to my application. My application receives the incoming message/email and put a JMS message in a queue.
      I would like to write and deploy an application on Jboss and if possible use Jboss ESB to ease my job. The thing that bugs me is that Jboss or Jboss ESB has to listen on a port for the incoming emails. Is this possible? Is it easy to do?
      Most of the examples show how to solve a similar problem: read an email from an external email provider and put it into a JMS queue. In my case, jboss itself receives emails.

      Any clue on how to do it?