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    Cached JMS queue-names?

    Haagen Hasle Novice

      I have renamed some of my JMS-queues, but JBossESB seems to hang on to the old ones, and it gives me a lot of

      13:44:22,991 INFO [ServiceInvoker] Unresponsive EPR: EPR: PortReference < <wsa:Address jms://localhost/queue/......

      with queue-names that no longer exist!

      I've undeployed the application, restarted the server, but it doesn't help. Are the EPRs and their JMS-queue-reference somehow cached somewhere (in the registry?), and if so - how can I flush the cache?

      Regards, Haagen

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          Haagen Hasle Novice

          I guess my Services have been registered in the Registry, and I guess the Registry is persisted between each time JBoss is running. And I guess (alot of guessing here..) that when I start up JBossESB the old servicedefinition is not overwritten when a new one is registered. At least it looks to me like the ESB is trying to call several EPRs at the same time..

          Can someone explain to me how this is supposed to work?

          Regards, Haagen

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            Burr Sutter Master

            I believe we have a problem with "unregistration", especially when the service names stay the same but the internal configurations have changed.

            Delete the juddiDB.* files (server shutdown) from your data\hypersonic directory (make a back up first).


            Use the UDDIBrowser to make changes (note: I've never tried this option)

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              Kurt Stam Master

              It removes EPRs on clean shutdown. They get left behind if you simply kill the process.