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    Problems with norwegian characters

    Haagen Hasle Novice

      My ESB acts as a proxy for an external webservice. The external webservice can deal with norwegian characters (æøå) just fine, when I connect directly to it with SoapUI I have no problems. But when I go through the ESB, the special non-ASCII characters end up as rubbish.

      A reply in a separate thread, about something else entirely, states that "I'm afraid you'll still have this issue with 4.2GA because it's not setting the Content-Type." Can not setting the Content-Type the the source of my problems as well? I've tried doing a search through old issues in Jira, and I found something about not specifying the encoding on different input/output-streams as well.

      Do you have any known issues regarding special characters? Or is all of this in fact my own fault, and I need to do something else in my code or my configuration?

      Regards, Haagen