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    Message Expiration Feature



      I have several questions about message expiration....

      How can I set message expiration?
      What does esb do when some message is expired?
      Does esb deliver expired message to Dead Letter Service?

      Thanks for reply

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          I have forgot basic question:-)

          Does jboss esb support message expiration pattern?

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            According to my observation, it is not matter of JBoss ESB, but it applies to bus provider. All JMS bus providers must support message expiration (according to jms specification). We can set esb message property javax.jms.message.expiration and if we send the esb message to some esb service using JMS bus provider, expiration will be taken into account. If we use FS bus provider, expiration will not work.

            According to JMS 1.1 Spec

            When GMT is later than an undelivered message's expiration time, the
            message should be destroyed. JMS does not define a notification of message

            So what happens with expired message depends on JMS provider we are using... Maybe JBoss Messaging provider (or JBossMQ, ....) can be configured to send expired messages to dead letter queue....

            Am I right in my conclusions?

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              Mark Little Master

              Yes, message expiration is not supported for anything other than JMS.