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    Oracle DB for ManagementDS

    toby saville Novice

      Im using ESB 4.2.1 server bundle, and im trying to run the management console using Oracle 10g as the database.

      I have deployed it and i can access the web front end (which is empty initially), but when i click the Collect Statistics button, i get an exception on the server that says table or view does not exist. Looking in server log, i figured out that this was caused by the table JMXOPERATION being missing, however 3 other tables related had been generated - JMXATTRIBUTE, JMXDATA AND JMXPATTERN. Is there any reason why JMXOPERATION (and related sequences) wasnt created automatically? What information do you need from me to diagnose?

      In the end, i created the table manually using the SQL in tools\console\management-esb\src\main\resources\oracle, but the tables dont get written to when i click the Collect Statistics button.

      any suggestions?