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    Message delivery question



      when I call ServiceInvoker.deliverySync(inputMessage), does the method return reply message for the input message (with RelatesTo id equal to MessageId of input message), OR does the method simply return first avalaible message on reply channel?

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          Kurt Stam Master

          For example if you use JMS, a unique message-filter is used which guarantees that it will wait for that specific reply message and nothing else.


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            Burr Sutter Master

            I like to say that the message that is returned to the client (the one using ServiceInvoker.deliverSync) is the last non-null Message from the last successfully executed action in the action chain/pipeline.

            If there is an exception in the action chain then the exception makes it all the way back to the client.

            Note: I've not tested what returning null does to the SI client. Perhaps null makes it all the way back to the client. Plus I've not fully tested what is returned should the timer expire. I'm guessing the returned message is null.