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    Is Jboss ESB the solution to this problem?

    Miguel Angel Goicochea Newbie


      I'm writing this because one of the clients on the company where I work has asked us for a solution to a problem they have.

      The customer is a company that has presence in a lot of countries of the world. They usually purchase small agencies in other countries to expand their business.

      However, there is always conflict when they try to implement their system on the recently bought agencies because they already have theirs working and they are used to it. Nevertheless, the agencies always "succumb" to the pressure from the owners.

      Nevertheless, one of those generated a lot of revenue, so they desisted from dropping their AS400 system and use the system that is used worldwide by the company (In part because the system did not have a module that is vital for them). There have been always problems integrating both systems and now that agency wants to integrate their seven systems (which seem to be isolated) with the main system.

      They want to create a system that "orchestrates" the communication between them. After hearing this, SOA came to my mind as the most logical solution.

      One example of what we want to do is the following:

      The main system and the system from that agency generate the same document, but they are stored on a different ways (databases of the two systems were modeled on a different way). What they want is to have them synchronized (not in real time, but documents generated in one system will have to be eventually saved in the other).

      This is just an example, the client is thinking on a scalable solution that will serve them to integrate other systems easily.

      I would like to know if Jboss ESB is what I really need and what tools are available for SOA development. If Jboss ESB is not the solution, which product of Jboss may be the right one?