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    rich:calendar and f:param

    Luigi Fugaro Newbie

      Hi to all, I've some problems with suggestionBox (I know the subject talks about other things... keep reading :D)!

      I want to have my suggestionBox list, filtered by two params: the famous Object suggest and one more, let's say String myBirthDay.

      I tryed a lot mixing all forums, api and docs example, but with no luck, so I'm trying to solve the problem switching the problem to another component! :D

      Here is what I would like to do:
      I want my rich:calendar to set its value on an f:param component... this must be done when the data has been selected... obviously (not@all) ondateselected.
      With this I might be able to submit the suggestion input parameter with my second parameter valued on f:param, to retrieve my filtered list.

      How this can be done?

      Thanx in advance,