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    JBossESB Quickstart Sample not working on JBossAS-4.2.2.GA c

    Thomas Owens Newbie

      Hello JBossESB Community!

      One of our current goals is to use JBossESB-4.2.1.GA deployed to JBossAS-4.2.2.GA using JBoss Messaging instead of JBoss MQ. Since JBossAS 4.2.x uses JBossMQ by default, I have installed the latest version of JBoss Messaging 1.4.0.SP3 into JBossAS per instructions on


      After installation, I can run the JBoss Messaging tests successfully with my JBossAS. However, when I then try to deploy JBossESB to this new JBossAS configuration (configured for JBoss Messaging) I am able to deploy a JBossESB quickstart sample such as helloworld (using ant deploy), and verify that the jboss.esb.quickstart.destination queues are properly bound, but when I try to run the helloworld test (using ant runtest), the test simply hangs. The last output I see on the client console is "[java] Connection Started".

      I am now attempting to debug the sample and see exactly where it is hanging. If anyone has any input into this problem, please let me know.