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    A newbe question for gateway

    Jiang Liu Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am new here and have a simple newbe question. :)

      The helloworld example wiki says: Every gateway listener has a corresponding internal ESB listener that have been configured together in the jboss-esb.xml file.

      However I can not find any connection between them. For example, if i have two channel: channel_GW and channel_ESB, so when i send a message to channel_GW, how the system knows the message should goes to the channel_ESB?

      And before the message get sent to channel_ESB, an action is used to "process" the message so that it can be esb "awarded". So my question is whether this format-processing action is per-defined?

      Another question is in terms of sending messages to "external" systems, the only way to do it is by using Notifiers? And if so, the only way to define/use a Notifier is in the jboss-esb.xml?

      Thanks in advance!