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    WSDL Service Virtualization

    nowell outlaw Newbie

      Hello -

      I have a rather simple question about RH ESB - and can't find the answer in the documentation. Does the ESB support WSDL virtualization - as an example if I am foo.com - i could take the amazon.com wsdl for payment processing (wsdl uri - amazon.com\dummypaymentwsdl) and publish it as (wsdl rui - foo.com\dummypaymentwsdl) and have the msgs route through the ESB to Amazon? And also provide security from foo.com to it's consumers - and different security from foo.com to amazon.com. (e.g. force SAML for foo's consumers - and use plain text uid/pwd from foo -> amazon.

      There are other products that do this in the SOA space - as truly SOA engines (soa software, actional/rational, iona, etc.) WSO2 has an interesting ESB product (v 1.5) that supposedly can do this as well.

      ???????????? Thanks if you can help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!