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    Broadcasting a message

    toby saville Novice


      what is the best way to broadcast a message to the ESB, where the broadcasting service doesnt care or know who the recipients are?

      I assume this would be done with a service placing a message on a JMS topic, but im not totally clear as to how this is done. I have had a look at the jms-topic quickstart but the sending aspect is not clear to me (the qs uses a courier instead of a ServiceInvoker.

      If a service sending a message to a topic is the best way to broadcast, can i see an example of how an Action would be written and configured to get the esb aware message on to the topic.

      Also, from the jms-topic quickstart, it looks like the services listening to the topic have to know the topic name. Is it possible to have services "subscribe" to a broadcasting service, instead of a jms topic, thereby abstracting the topic name using the service's category & name.

      if there is a better/different way of fulfilling this use case, can you enlighten me?