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    Automatic retry mechanism

    Stefan Lecho Newbie


      In the application we are developing, we are contacting external Webservices.

      When these Webservices are - for some reason - not available, we would like to automatically retry to contact the Webservice after a pre-defined number of minutes. When the Webservice is at that point in time available, the call will succeed. If the Webservice is still not available, a second retry should be issued. This retry mechanism will stop when a pre-defined maximum number of retries is attained.

      In another non-ESB based application we have build, we've implemented this automatic retry mechanism with a JMS-based approach.
      This application sends XML Messages to a Queue, a Message-Driven Bean picks the message up and tries immediately to contact the external webservice. If this call fails, specific meta-data - linked to the automatic retry mechanism - are added to the original XML message and this message is injected again in the Queue.

      Is this type of functionality - out-of-the-box or by custom-build extension - supported by JBossESB ?

      Regards, Stefan Lecho.