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    register ESB hosted WS in jbpm-bpel console as Partner Servi

    Torsten Lange Newbie

      I'm using two server installations, one JBoss ESB 4.2.1 GA and one JBoss AS 4.2.1 GA with a JBPM-BPEL 1.1.GA.

      Registering a WS (that resides on JBoss ESB server installation) as Partner Service on the JBoss AS installation using the jbpm-bpel console works as expected.
      I'm using the URL pointing to the WSDL document. The jbpm-bpel console lists the base location, the target namespace and the service in Partner Service Catalog. (A BPEL-process is now able to use the service).

      If I provide an ESB configuration with an HTTP-Gateway for this WS (according to quickstarts sample webservice-producer) I'm able to call the service from a client using gateway URL (tested with soapUI and WS endpoint http://myhost:18765) but there is no WSDL and I can't register this gateway URL as Partner Service in jbpm-bpel console.

      Is it possible to use the gateway 'endpoint' as WS endpoint? How do I have to configure the Partner Service for the BPEL process?

      Thanks, Torsten