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    WS-Eventing, EDA

    Alex Horwitz Newbie

      The JBoss ESB literature references EDA support, a "notification service to allow the ESB to register events", and WS-Eventing support. I notice, for example, that there is WS-Eventing support in JBossWS, but the ws-eventing tests are missing from the 2.0.2 download. I wasn't able to identify ws-eventing support, nor any reference to any other notification service in the ESB documentation.

      I would love some help in comprehending the extent to which eventing support exists in the product, and whether anyone has any experience implementing it.

      Thank you in advance.

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          Mark Little Master

          You should ask in the JBossWS forum about WS-Eventing (but note that WS-Eventing as a specification is going to be significantly changed in the future).

          As for the ESB, the underlying infrastructure is event-oriented. Your services register for the receive-message event. I view EDA as a way of layering on a SOA, or reasoning about a SOA, rather than in just terms of messages. The next major release of the ESB should provide more support for events at the higher level.

          You may want to take a look at the sandbox too.

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            Alex Horwitz Newbie

            Thanks for the prompt reply Mark.

            I suppose I was half-hoping that there was some configurable, abstracted bus support for web service-based pub sub, whether layered on the JBossWS WS-Eventing or not.

            I envy you feeling comfortable about what EDA is ;). To me it just looks like mediated pub/sub messaging + CEP and is thus orthagonal to SOA, but opinions on this are pretty diverse.

            Cheers -

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              Mark Little Master

              Different opinions are good :-)