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    Exposing a WebService in front of the ESB

    Luc DEW Newbie


      after reading threads, wiki and having a look at the sample sources (especially the producer sample), i am a bit confused if JBoss ESB can natively expose web services. I would like to clarify what i mean by exposing a WS.

      I would like to invoke a WS deployed in JBoss ESB that will handle the SOAP message, and pipe it into the ESB bus. Then invoke via actions declared in the ESB 1 or more external services. The WS exposed in front of the ESB would have its own WSDL (Proxy service).

      Is it possible to achieve this with JBoss ESB ? Do i have to develop my onw WS and use ESB client API to pipe the message into the ESB ?

      My understanding of the SOAPProcessor is to invoke a JSR-181 business Web Service Endpoint.

      Thanks in advance for your replys.

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          Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

          If I did not misunderstood you, yes :)
          When you use the Soap processor what t will do is wrap your WS. For instance, the input parts of you WSDL will be available to your WS, you can put them inside the message by getting the message using SOAPProcessor.getMessage (or something like that :) ). The next actions can use the SOAPClient to call other webservices, and you can put more stuff insid e the message body. If I can recall your message body goes as the response for the user.

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            Luc DEW Newbie

            Well, to be more specific what i was referring to is a SOAP provider . I guess the SOAPProcessor is the way to go. My question has been asked many times on the forum (see the recent thread about Proxy Services).
            A wiki page on this topic would be very helpful.