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    Remote File Gateway

    Jiang Liu Newbie


      Could anyone help me on how to configure a "remote file gateway"?

      Say for example, my ESB server is running at and i want to listen to "/tmp" at

      So in my jboss-esb.xml file, can i use:

      <fs-provider name="FSprovider1">
       <fs-bus busid="helloFileChannel" >
       ... ...

      Sorry there is another question in this thread, I hope i can get answer here as well :)

      When I deploy a new service into ESB, there are two configuration files that i am confused about: deployment.xml and queue-service.xml.

      I explored all given examples bundled with ESB source, all of them are configured differently. And i couldn't find too much information about these two files neither in wiki or docs. So could anyone provide me a link or some details about these files?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Edgar Silva Newbie


          I am not sure if the FSProvider coudl provide this kind of processing, however you might use FTP as well as a transport channel. Check the ftp-action in the quickstarts folder included in your jboss-esb-server-4.xx folder.

          The second one, based on doc:
          <jboss-esb.xml>: contains the service configuration (list ener and actions), as
          well as provider configuration.
          <deployment.xml>: is optional, but can be used for 2 reasons:
          -make this .esb archive depend on other archi ves, to specify classloading
          - make the deployment of this .esb archi ve scoped.
          <java classes>: your custom action classes in standard package hierarchy.
          : additional jar archi ves your actions depend on.

          Btw, you just will declare you queues just once depending your esb module and the services running on that.



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            Jiang Liu Newbie

            Hi Edgar,

            Thanks for you reply, i will try FTP adaptor.

            For deployment.xml and queue-service.xml, i think the only thing i can find is same as what you said. In quickstart examples, for example, we have

            * jbm-quene-services and
            * jbmq-quene-services

            And contexts within these two files are totally different, e.g.what is "PostOffice" and "DestinationManager"?

            Do we have docs specifically describe these files.

            Thanks very much.

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              Edgar Silva Newbie

              I have not found any suitable documentation abou that, maybe anybody from the development team could explain it much better.