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    FileGateway Enhancement


      We have created two enhancements to the file gateway. These are:

      [list=]the ability to use a regular expression to filter files, rather than just a suffix

      the ability to sort files, when multiple files are present, so that files may be processed in a particular order

      What is the best way for us to determine that their is a broader interest in this enhancement, and, if so, to contribute this code?

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          Sorry for the bad formatting - I hit submit rather than preview.

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            Hi there. This is interesting. We recently developed something similar in house for a separate project (not the ESB - but using it). Same issue... the configuration of the FileGateway was both verbose and inflexible.

            The changes we made reduced the number of config params + made it more flexible in much the same way as you describe above i.e. pluggable file selection (sorting etc), tokenization of the input file name to allow more flexible file lifecycle management (renaming based on ${prefix}, ${suffix} etc type expressions).

            We should look at merging the best of both of these efforts into a future version of the ESB. Can you attach what you have to JIRA? We can hook in the coming week.

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              I have recently been using the FileGateway. I must concur that the configuration of the current FileGateway is a bit primative.

              It would be great if the version created by TFennelly would get available.

              I also have two other feature request:

              • Make it possible to define the lifecycle filenames using expressions, like with Freemarker or some other script/template language. Another idea to do that is to be able to supply some Class that does the work of defining a filename. I propose this idea because it would be great to be able to set the 'working', 'error' and 'post' paths according too the current date. This would automatically split out the files in separate folders per day and I don't need to write a separate script to move those files every night.
              • Add an option to create the whole path of the lifecycle files, if it doesn't exist. This is necessary for the previous idea, because if I would have the date in the folder name then I wouldn't want to have to create all the folders upfront.

                What do you people think of the idea's? Should I create Jira Feature Requests for them?

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                Tom's work will be pulled into the trunk in the future. Check to see if there are JIRAs for this (there should be) and if not feel free to create them.