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    Smooks -> WS, List vs Array

    Markus Heidt Newbie


      I have the problem with Smooks and passing objects to a WS (WebService) client.

      I'm talking about the Smooks translation of quickstarts/transform_smooks.

      The problem is regarding List elements of the serializable Pojo objects.
      As I read it, Smooks needs List.

      But when I generate a WS Client from the WSDL, the Lists will be translated to Arrays.

      Hence I need to "cast" the list-based pojos to array-based ones after the smooks translation and before passing to the WS.

      I don't like it :)

      Is there anything I don't know? A lot i think :)
      I'm missing a parameter in smooks which would deal with "array based lists".

      Or do I have to create Pojo objects which implements both interfaces...a list and an array based one?
      Not nice either because I don't want to mess with generated classes...

      Just using the list based pojos doesn't work...the parameters will be created, but empty, when reaching the WS-Server..of course because the de-/serialization is missing.