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    JBoss ESB - will it work on AIX? Not according to Wikipedia

    Ivan Hurtado Newbie

      I'm evaluating JBoss ESB for our company's development projects... this may be outdated info, however I found in Wikipedia a chart showing OS support for a number of different ESB offerings which states that JBoss ESB does NOT support the IBM AIX platform. Is that accurate?

      See the link to the aforementioned Wikipedia page:

      The app we're developing (which would use JBoss ESB as a major component of it) will need to be certified on AIX, Solaris, Linux, as well as several Windows versions. Can JBoss ESB support that?

      Additionally, we would need to certify our app on WebSphere and Weblogic App Servers, in addition to JBoss AS... will JBoss ESB function in those app servers as well?