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    contextMenu css-class missing

    nimo stephan Master

      I am using rich:contextMenu and want to style the background of the right (smaller) side
      (in which icons can be placed, the standard-background is blue).

      But I cannot find the proper css-class for that.

      I tried it with:
      - rich-menu-list-border,
      - rich-menu-list-bg,
      - rich-menu-list-strut.

      This adds a background to the left side of the menu:

      .rich-menu-list-bg {background: url(...) 0 0 repeat;}

      This adds a background to the whole contextMenu (left and right side):

      .dr-menu-list-bg {
      background: url(...) 0 0 repeat;

      But I only want to change the background of the left side of the contextMenu.

      What css-class I should use?