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    Have I put only a jboss-esb.xml file to config a service?

    Luiz Antonio Falaguasta Barbosa Novice

      Hi people,

      Please, I need your help to clarify some questions.

      I have been asking about configuration (to develop a wizard for configuring services in a ESB from my application) but there are something that isn't sure for me.

      When I configure a service in JBossESB server, may I only deploy a *.esb package into the JBossESB server containing, for example, Java source code and a jboss-esb.xml file?

      In this way, can I have a lot of jboss-esb.xml, each one to each (*.esb file) service plublished, right?

      So, if I have to deploy one *.esb package to each service that I want to publish in an ESB, I can't do this through the http://localhost:8080/esbconfig/ESBConfigEditor.swf, right? Or can I deploy the *.esb package in a JBoss AS and only configure this service through the http://localhost:8080/esbconfig/ESBConfigEditor.swf on the JBossESB server?

      This is still not clear for me because I only got to configure my environment like is described in the Getting Started file, where I used a JBoss AS and ran sample from jbossesb-4.2.1GA (so, I didn't see the modifications in the jboss-esb.xml exhibited in the JBossESB server's ESBConfigEditor.swf yet, but I'll try toi configure JBossESB server again).

      Until I could understand, I could have all my services deployed in a JBoss AS and the configuration of them in a JBossESB server. Is it right? In this case, would I have only one jboss-esb.xml file in the JBossESB server?

      I thank you in advance!