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    .esb package files deployment through the web

    Luiz Antonio Falaguasta Barbosa Novice

      Hi people,

      This is a copy from another topic, but now with the correct title.

      The usability of JBossESBConfigEditor is to create, alter and delete providers and services in all the jboss-esb.xml files of anyone .esb package. So, I have to select an .esb package in the field "Load configuration to server" of tab Server and press Load button. Then I can see the services and providers.

      In this way, it would be better to do the deployment through an web interface like JBossESBConfigEditor, but I only can do this by copying the .esb package into server/default/deploy directory.

      Is there a way (permission, feature API) to make the upload of .esb packages through my web application to this directory by default or should I ask to the JBossESB's admin configure it through the console? And about another one way like a web interface in the JBossESB server, is there?

      Thanks in advance!