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    Distributed deployment of single instance

    Arutha Belron Newbie

      Hey there,

      I've been looking into the documentation of the ESB in search this possibility. What I basically hope to be doing is to deploy an .esb archive , named A, to an ESB running on JbossAS, and have the services specified in A run distributed over the network. I can manage this through redirecting in the action code of services running, but is it possible to manage and direct this from the ESB archive specification itself?

      For example, to clear up my thursday-afternoon image of it all:
      I have the ESB with an .esb archive running on machine A, but I want the actual services of this .esb archive to run on machine B, C and, oh, Z, and want be able to specify this somehow.

      A sidenote is that the .esb archive is using jBPM, but I don't think that matters here.