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    Query regarding HTTP endpoint

    Puneet Jain Newbie


      I am new to jbossESB. I have write a application with a http endpoint.
      Does jboss ESB support http service endpoint?
      If yes how can I configure a http service endpoint?

      Please help me to resolve this query.
      Any reply will be appreciated.


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          Daniel Bevenius Master

          Hi Puneet,

          take a look at the webservice_producer quickstart (in the samples directory).
          This shows how you can configure a http endpoint using a jboss remoting listener:

          <jbr-provider name="JBR-Http" protocol="http" host="localhost">
           <jbr-bus busid="Http-1" port="8765" />

          This might give you some ideas for you application.



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            Puneet Jain Newbie

            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for you reply.
            Actually, I am new with JbossESB. I have to write a very simple application.
            The application have a http endpoint reference. A string is passed to the application. It reverse it and send the response back to the http browser.

            Please help to write this sample application.