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    Deployment of .esb archives into JBossESB from a remote web

    Luiz Antonio Falaguasta Barbosa Novice

      Hi people,

      I've seen the document JBossESBDeploymentStrategies and I would like ask something about deployment into JBossESB server or JBoss AS with JBossESB inside it.

      I need to interact with JBossESB to make possible the following:

      - list information about configuration into .esb archives;
      - download .esb archives from JBossESB to store it into our web application;
      - upload .esb archives from our web application into JBossESB.

      In this way, I would like to know if exists some alternative to do the upload of .esb archives into JBossESB remotely. In other words, from a web application running into a Tomcat, in machine A, into JBossESB server (or JBossESB running into a JBoss AS), in the machine B.

      I've already seen that exists a JSR (JSR-88) that make possible and standardized the deployment through JMX from a remote client, but I didn't read it deeply and I don't know if it works only with JBoss AS or with JBossESB too.

      Please, could anybody give me any idea about it, the deployment of .esb archives from another application into JBossESB?

      Thanks in advance!