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    Simple BPEL + HTTP binding - help needed

    Dawid Loubser Newbie


      I am familiar with WS-BPEL, and I am also familiar with putting together a JBI service assembly to expose my WS-BPEL-implemented business process as an HTTP POST (dare I say "REST") -bound service on OpenESB. (I am very much against HTTP/POST binding, but an existing integration scenario needs this).

      I have been wading through the JBoss ESB documentation, but nowhere have I been able to get a grip on correctly implementing this simple scenario in JBoss. Could anybody please point me in the right direction? I want to:

      * Put together a simple, self-contained ant build script to package up a single BPEL process ("hello world" would be fine for now) and configure it to

      * receive messages on an HTTP post address, and reply via HTTP response

      * bind an external partner (via a partnerLink) to be accessed, also via HTTP POST, at a particular address

      In my mind, this should be a very simple configuration file and assembly, as I am using no more than the BPEL engine, together with specifying the address/protocol my service should listen to, as well as the address/protocol my external partner is at.

      A simple example / some pointers would be most useful, keeping in mind that I am comfortable with the JBI terminology and configuration for the above scenario.

      thank you most kindly (and urgently!)