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    What is the relationship between Juddi and JBossESB?

    li wenhao Newbie

      Dear sir:
      I have some questions to ask. When our group researching for your product JBossESB, actually we are discussing what an ESB can do, the questions are listed below:
      1. Can we treat the Juddi as a service? I mean when we are going to new a bpel project, can we do it like this: first we make a node in the bpel calling service from uddi, providing the API to the WS-consumer, let him deside what to do in the service, for example, I want a service AB combined from A and B, I use the API to call uddi and choose service A and B, then put it into the bpel lively.
      2. Can the WS-consumer see the WSDL address when calling the service from an ESB?
      3. Does the Juddi save the actuall WSDL address when we registry a WS through the ESB?