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    ESB JMS Gateway losing correlation ID (used for request repl

    Andrew Barker Newbie


      I'm currently trying to implement the JMS request reply pattern on the ESB making async JMS calls to a JMS gateway on version 4.2.1GA of the jbossesb-server.

      I am setting up a temporary queue programatically to pass these message back to, this part is working fine, the queue is defined and the listener is picking up a message.

      The current problem I am having is that the message is losing is Correlation ID (it's null when I investigate it) on the reply part of the message (I get a message back from the gateway to the temporary queue which is of type org.jboss.jms.message.MessageProxy). This is not so much of a problem on temporary queues (although I think it should still work) but would become one in the case when the reply queue is permanent. (I have checked and using a permanent queue the problem still exists)

      At the moment I am sending in a text message with the correlation ID set and printing out the message details when it arrives on the ESB, this does confirm that the correlation ID does exist and is set correctly while the message is on the ESB.

      Have I misunderstood how this is supposed to work? Should I be using a different action at the end of my processing to return this message to the queue specified?