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    Using jbpm (inside esb) for application logic?

    Carsten Rudat Novice


      I am not sure, whether or not this is a wrong usage of the esb, but I'd like to deploy a business process with jbpm on the jbpm-runtime deployed with esb.

      So, I can change the process like it is done in the quickstart-examples, monitor it with the jbpm-console and might have different services take part of the business process (via esb).
      From the quickstart examples, I know how to start a process. But how can I access to a processinstance to get for example a task-list for an user?

      I saw the "An online presentation and demonstration of JBossESB" from the Live-Trails-docu. There we have two human task to be done outside the ESB. They were started via the jbpm-console. In my application, I would like to present a tasklist, then "start" and "end" the task.

      Could you give me an info about how to do that?