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    JBossESB Unit Test Questions

    Zaiwen Gong Newbie


      I have some questions about JBossESB Unit Test.

      1. I downloaded jbossesb-4.2.1GA-src.zip. In product folder, the build.txt, it says "To execute the unit tests, after building the distribution, type "ant test". However, in qa folder, the readme.txt says: Run the "test" ant build target from the "qa" folder.

      I think these steps are conflicting. My understanding of correct steps are:
      a. From product folder, first edit install/deployment.properties to specify your app server location and the name of the server profile. Then create (ant dist) and install the distribution into an app server (ant deploy).
      b. Start your JBossAS server.
      c. From qa folder, run the "test" ant build target.

      2. I downloaded jboss-4.2.1.GA.zip as my JBoss AS, but it seems it doesn't have JMS provider or EJB3. I know I can install EJB3 from JBoss AS JEMS installer, but about JMS provider? I thought there should be a default JMS provider in Jboss 4..2.1? Is the default one Jboss MQ? If yes, I need to convert JBoss MQ to use JBoss Message? I am confused...

      Thanks a lot for clarification!!

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          Mark Little Master

          The qa directory is not the unit tests: those are within the standard src tree (product). The qa directory is for running some basic QA tests.

          So first question: do you want to run the unit tests, or do you want to run the qa?

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            Zaiwen Gong Newbie

            I want to run unit tests. So if I only want to run unit tests, I don't even need to deploy the distribution to an app server nor need to start my app server? I can just "ant dist" to create the distribution and "ant test" from the product folder to execute the unit tests? So these unit tests will just ensure the correct building of my distribution, right? If I want to test if my JBoss ESB server is running correctly, how? run QA test? Can you explain what of these basic QA tests the qa folder will do?

            Hope I don't confuse you :)...I also posted another related question....

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              Kevin Conner Master

              If you wish to target another server then you need to update the product.properties within the product directory.