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    Gateway AND esb aware queue on external broker?

    Stefan Thomas Newbie


      we try to connect to remote brokers of other vendors for receiving messages into JBoss ESB. I came accross several examples in this forum for ActiveMQ, Tibco, OracleAQ. In all of these examples a new JMS Provider is set up with the connection parameters in the jboss-esb.xml and with two jms-bus elements: The gateway and the esp aware queue.

      I am wondering about these scenarious: Does this mean, the esb aware queue also has to be deployed in the remote servers? I would expect that we have two providers in the jboss-esb.xml. One "normal",local JBossMQ connection factory with the local esb aware queue. And one for the external vendor specific connection factory and remote queue.

      But I have never found such an example.
      Any insight?