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    "inVM" transport works great

    Jeff Bride Novice

      we just completed load test evaluations of the new "inVM" transport . Results are excellent. Our single service on a modest laptop handled concurrent synchroneous requests from many hundreds of clients and was very fast .... more than enough for our current projects needs. Thanks for this functionality.


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          Mark Little Master

          Glad to hear it. We've stress tested this a lot with some significant (though confidential) customers. So we had confidence it would perform :-) But thanks for the feedback.

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            Kevin Conner Master

            I would also like to add that we are about to make the first project release containing this transport and the many other improvements we have made.

            There will be a CR release going our later today (PST timezone, we are at JavaOne) so that we can give everyone an opportunity to try out these changes and provide feedback before the GA release next week.

            The code is all but finished, it is mostly documentation and process tasks that remain.