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    How to migrate an existing Axis2 webservice client to use ES

    Stefan Lecho Newbie


      We've developed several projects that require to call an externally available webservice. The webservices clients are developed with Axis2. The connection to the webservices servers is done with HTTPs and WS-Security is applied to the request.

      What I would like to achieve is the following:

      -The Axis2-based WS client connects to ESB through an HTTP connection
      -The ESB applies WS-Security to the incoming request
      -The ESB forwards the request with WS-Security to the specified HTTPs endpoint
      -The ESB forwards the response received from the WS call to the Axis2-based WS client

      Based on the samples, I've been able to make a first prototype. Since this is the first time I'm using JBossESB, I would like to have some feedback from the community about good practices that could/should be applied for the above listed requirements.

      -Can the Axis2-based WS client use an HTTP connection to connect to ESB, instead of using a JMS connection?
      -Can the ESB send the reponse back on the HTTP connection ?
      -WS-Security should be applied only to the request message and not to the reply message. Is this supported ?
      -Should BPEL be used in this scenario or is this overkill ?

      Regards, Stefan Lecho.

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          Stefan Lecho Newbie


          I've been trying with the HttpRouter class and have been able to successfully call the Webservice, but ...

          -With HttpRouter I can not apply WS-Security :o(
          -With HttpRouter I'm still obliged to use a Queue. I can not establish an HTTP connection with my service.

          We are currently evaluating JBossESB and the described scenario is a key factor for our final decision. Any help and/or solution for these issues is more than welcome.

          Regards, Stefan Lecho.

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            Tom Fennelly Master

            Hi Stefan.

            can you give us more information please.

            - Which version of the ESB are you using?
            - Re invoking ESB endpoints via HTTP... have you tried using the jbr-listner? For an example of this, see the webservice-producer quickstart.
            - When you said "with HttpRouter I can not apply WS-Security", what exactly do you mean? The HttpRouter only does what it says on the tin i.e. route message payloads over http. If you need to add "stuff" to the message before routing it, you'll need to perform some sort of transformation on the message beforehand.

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              Stefan Lecho Newbie


              -I'm using JBossESB v4.3GA.
              -I've been doing some tests with a jbr-listener. When connection with SOAPUI to the URL (http://localhost:9876) configured for the listener, I get a Connection Refused. In the webservice-producer quickstart, the org.jboss.remoting.Client class is used. I hope :o) this is not the only way to connect to a jbr-listener.
              -"WS-Security" is a standard that allows to sign SOAP Requests. I've been looking at the webservice_wssecurity quickstart, so this should not (yet) be a problem.

              Regards, Stefan Lecho.