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    ContentBasedRouter object-path: unused feature?

    Jarkko Lietolahti Novice

      I's just checking out the CBR and found interesting feature from within CBR, namely property "object-paths". The documentation (Content Based Routing Guide.pdf) suggest to use the format

       <property name="object-paths">
       <object-path path="body.name" />

      See the attribute path in the object-path element? The code however seems to be waiting for an attribute named esb, right?

       * @author <a
       * href="mailto:schifest@heuristica.com.ar">schifest@heuristica.com.ar</a>
       * @author kstam@jboss.com
       * @author kevin.conner@jboss.com
      public class ContentBasedWiretap extends AbstractActionPipelineProcessor {
       public static final String ROUTE_TO_TAG = "route-to";
       public static final String OBJECT_PATH_TAG = "object-path";
       public static final String OBJECT_PATH = "esb";
      ... later in the file
       _messagePathList = new ArrayList<String>();
       ConfigTree[] objectList = _config.getChildren(OBJECT_PATH_TAG);
       if (objectList != null) {
       for (ConfigTree curr : objectList) {
       try {
       String objectPath = curr.getRequiredAttribute(OBJECT_PATH);
       catch (Exception e) {
       throw new ConfigurationException(
       "Problems with object path list", e);

      This is the error message received with <object-path path="body.name"/>

      Caused by: org.jboss.soa.esb.ConfigurationException: Required configuration property 'esb' not defined on configuration 'object-path'.

      Maybe this should be "public static final String OBJECT_PATH = "path";" or is the documentation wrong, dunno.