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    Pop gateway

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      I need a POP gw for my application and I followed the wiki page found on http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/UsingMailInflowWithJBossESB and I deployed the esb archive. Server settings were OK but messages are never read.

      I checked with a network sniffer to check autentication and everything were OK:

      POP Request: USER XXXX@fng.fr
      POP Response: +OK
      POP Request: PASS XXXXXXX
      POP Response: +OK User successfully logged on
      POP Request: STAT
      POP Response: +OK 6 4262

      POP Request: QUIT
      POP Response: +OK Microsoft Windows POP3 Service Version 1.0 <774807062@fng.FNG.local> signing off.

      As you can see, POP server replied to the gw that 6 messages are stored and the gw quit the service waiting till next poll, but the onMessage method from the class which implements MailListener is nerver invoked, and the mail content is never displayed in the logs.

      What setting did I missed?

      PS: The code is the one provided by the quickstart sample attached to the wiki page.