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    create rich:subTable for selected row

    Jamon Portu Newbie


      I use rich:dataTable and rich:dataScroller for showing some info; there are 5 columns with text-like information. Also I placed on page modalPanel, after clicked special link
      (placed within either row in dataTable) it showing with detailed information about current row.
      i.e. every row have link:

      <a4j:commandLink ajaxSingle="true" id="editRecordLink" oncomplete="#{rich:component('editPanel')}.show()"
      <h:outputText value="#{currentRow.NID}" style="color: #{currentRow.statusColor}"/>
      <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{currentRow}" target="#{crmBean.currentItem}"/>
      <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{row}" target="#{crmBean.currentRow}"/>

      Now, in my mind born interesting idea, I think so.
      I want functionality: user, by clicking this special link, will watch special subTable for current Row with some detailed information.
      And after re-click on this link, this subTable will be disappered from dataTable. I like this idea, but after some attempts I doesn't find decision for it.

      Please, review this, and, if it really, suggest me some approach for create this function.