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    router question

    mathieu fortin Newbie

      I have a simple service which routes a message to 2 other services. The 2 receiving services can mess with the same properties in the message.

      My understanding of a router was that it enables a single message to have multiple distinct life cycles. My problem is that each routed services deal with the same message instance. It can become quite a burden because to workaround that i have to configure each of my actions in which properties they have to save their information.

      Was my understanding of a router wrong?
      Is it because of the new InVmEpr used by default in version 4.3? In previous versions serialisation occured so a copy of the message was done?

      Thank you.

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          Kevin Conner Master

          Routing should send a copy of the message to the other service so they should not interfere.

          At present the InVM code within the release will do a pass-by-reference but this should have been disabled by default.

          Can you check your jbossesb-properties.xml and make sure that jboss.esb.invm.scope.default is set to NONE?


          P.S. there will be a pass-by-value equivalent for 4.4.