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    File system (Folder) listener

    masipu Newbie

      I've managed to get the ESB to listen the folder but my action is not called. The files are transformed to esbinprocess files and after a while, they become esberror files. My action class is simple:

      public class MyHandler extends AbstractActionLifecycle {
       protected ConfigTree _config;
       public MyHandler(ConfigTree config){
       this._config = config;
       public Message processNewFile(Message message){
       System.out.println("Processing new file: " + message.getBody().get().toString());
       return message;

      It's odd that the .esb doesn't get properly deployed if i put is-gateway="true"

      I'm interested to know, how the file is handled after the listeners takes it in process before it is given to my action class.

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          masipu Newbie

          Do I need a JMS listener if I'm listening only the file system? ESB uses JMS internally and the event is sent as an JMS message. But do I need to specify any JMS related configurations if I'm only interested in the file system (in jbm-queue-service.xml or jboss-esb.xml)?

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            Kevin Conner Master

            At present the gateways process the incoming messages and pass them over to the services, using a different provider, so you will need to define something. You could make this an InVM provider within the current codebase though, removing JMS from the equation, although we still have some outstanding work to finish for this provider.